a 7 day immersion into the art of​

earth-based healing

& embodied awakening

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

April 26 - May 3

Join us on the journey of a lifetime, where we arrive at the meeting point between ​yogic arts and earth medicine healing. A place where we return to the reverence ​of the fireplace and devotional way of life. The retreat is designed for a full system ​reset, where we empower ourselves to heal through ancient ways of prayer & ​purification passed down by our ancestors as we remember our divine nature.

our sanctuary

The Mystical Yoga farm is an off-the-grid ​regenerative eco farm nestled between ​three volcanoes on the shores of Lake ​Atitlán. This lush environment has been ​seeded with countless yoga trainings, our ​cellular recalibration retreat, and ​medicine ceremonies. We know you'll find ​it the perfect home for attuning to the ​natural rhythms of Pachamama

what's included....

daily superfood juice

daily yoga sadhana

temazcal sweat lodge

psilocybin & sound ceremony

breathwork & pranayama

kirtan & voice activation

organic & plant-based meals

xanga ceremony

cacao ceremony

water adventures

jungle immersion

& more

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what they're saying...

This was such a life ​changing experience, ​I'm blown away! Thank ​you for organizing such ​a beautiful ceremony-- ​it was perfect!

Nadine Avani

Holistic Sexuality Mentor

I’ve sat in several ceremonies, and

many kirtans and song circles with ​Eddie and Alaina. They hold such a ​magical, deep, and heart centered ​space. Alaina brings me through ​portals of light, love, and activation ​with her pure and angelic voice and ​presence. Eddie helps me navigate ​the shadows with his humble ​wisdom, musical weaving, and ​throat chanting.

The two are a dream team and ​inspire me with the way they ​navigate conscious relationship, ​healing work, community building, ​and medicine ceremony.


Doctor of Physical Therapy


Holistic Health Practitioner

I highly recommend ​experiencing this beautiful ​healing. It was potent and ​amazing... they thought about ​everything. They took care of ​us and made a really deep ​connection with nature in a ​place with a beautiful view.

I felt super taken care of. Their ​music makes the experience ​very magical!

Alaina Rose

Alaina Rose is a yogini, vocalist, and ceremonialist, with a ​rich history of study and practice in Classical Tantra of ​Nepal. It was here that she first discovered the path of ​Bhakti Yog, and began sharing kirtan throughout the small ​ashram village at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Following a series of traumatic events that resulted in ​physical ailments and declining health conditions, coupled ​with a spontaneous kundalini awakening, Alaina has ​devoted her life and work to exploring the subtle energetics ​of the charkas & their relationship with somatic trauma-​release and cellular self-healing. Plant medicine has been a ​profound ally in her own healing journey and the work she ​facilitates for others.

Her high joy is gathering community in circle together, ​sharing embodiment teachings, bhakti transmission, and ​chanting the names of the Divine. She has lived on Lake ​Atitlán for the past 3 years doing just this, sharing kirtan, ​ceremony, vocal freedom, and retreats.

Eddie Rubio

Eddie has a deep appreciation for indigenous cultures and ​the natural beauty of Pachamama. He expresses this through ​the creative mediums of visionary art, music, and music ​production. Eddie is an earth-based multi-instrumentalist who ​enjoys playing instruments like the flute, crystal bowl, medicine ​drum, didgeridoo, guitar, charango, harmonium, and jaw harp. ​He has a gift for channeling Spirit and guiding people to ​states of unity and connection through the audio and visual ​spectrum.

Eddie grew up in a Colombian-American household, where ​the seeds of a multicultural heritage were planted. In his ​journey to rediscover his roots, he traveled to Colombia to ​study with the Kogi people of northern Colombia, and Yagé ​tribes of southern Colombia. With these experiences, a ​passion for earth medicine ceremony blossomed. He also ​attends Native American Church ceremonies and has worked ​with Bufo/Kambo practitioners. These diverse experiences ​informs his ceremonial work and artistic expressions.

Cellular Recalibration at Lake Atitlan with the teachings of Alaina and Eddie, and the lessons learned from my soul brothers and sisters on the retreat, the power of prayer, nutrition, plant medicine, and connection has shifted my attitude and perception of life.

I was stuck in a psychological rut for many years and knew I had to take a leap of faith. What I was doing wasn't working for me anymore.

This experience allowed me to shed layers, to see through a different lens, and to feel a deep connection of oneness. The lasting effects have been profound and the positive ripple has been noticable throughout my day to day interactions.

I am blessed and beyond grateful to have been able to experience such a transformation for myself and to see the shift in my brothers and sisters as well. Much love and many blessings to all involved as I continue on my soul journey. Aho!

-Leslie B.

with love,

Alaina & Eddie

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